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Something Is Forming: Pissed Off

There's a line in the song "Pissed Off" that Scott changes what he says each time. This list is the known things he has said when performing the specific line in the song. I am currently searching through the setlist archives to find all of the dates Pissed Off was played, just fer

Pissed Off-6/7/91 If youve never heard the song...this is a particularly good version.

DateBut its ... that causes such painCredit goes to
July 4th, 1982CellblockCarl Walter
1990The JonesMCMXC CD
March 3rd, 1989The PeopleTaper Jones (via tape trade)
March 3rd, 1990The JonesJShep
Aug 10, 1990The Red SoxEd's Max Creek Page MP3 Section
June 7th, 1991ChicagoNapster
July 12, 1996DiscoJShep
April 23, 1997BlizzardsFW
August 8, 1997AdvocateFW
October 22, 1997The PatriotsSista Lee
NOvember 27, 1997TurkeyMark Sherrick
June 12, 1998UtahMark Sherrick
December 12, 1998ShoppingMark Sherrick
January 30th, 1999BroncosTony H
August 20th, 1999my ex-wifeTony H
December 3rd, 1999bugs/bob/buzz (Uncertain)Max Creek Radio
December 18th, 1999scroogesTony H
December 31st, 1999Y2KTony H
October 7th, 2000The YankeesJShep
October 28th, 2000The YankeesJShep
November 25th, 2000The PatriotsJShep

As you can see, I'm not even close to finishing my archive search. Additions can be sent to Mark Sherrick. Thanks