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Something Is Forming: Band Photos

These are pictures that I have taken at Max Creek concerts

5/15/98-Toad's Place, New Haven, CT

  • Scott+Rob Scott and Rob, amongst the swirling smoke.
  • Scott Scott looks over at John Rider.
  • Scott Scott, amongst the red lights.
  • Scott+John Scott and John confer about something over a jam.
  • John John jams out on the bass.
  • Mark Mark looks over at the rest of the band as if to say "What the hell was that?"
  • Mark Mark jams out on the keyboards.
  • Scott a headless Scott jams with a balloon.

    4/22/00-29th Anniversary, Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT

    There will be better quality pics, and more of them, when i take the negatives to a commercial developer, the ones below are my personal developed prints on 8X10 sheets.
  • Rob Fried playin da drumz.
  • X playin the acoustic geetar.
  • John Rider doin that thing he does so well.
  • Greg Degug playin some tunes for the freeks.
  • Greg and X Silver Dancin....(pic needs a bit of work..but it looks ok)