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Something Is Forming: Non Creek Tape Covers

These are my non Max Creek tapecovers that I have made. For my Max Creek covers, click here. Some archived here are for particular shows, and thus may be a tapecover someone else made, with dates added. Most are original creations, some are available in empty form as well as dated form.

All covers are sized correctly, as far as I know, and should require no changes, unless you add in a setlist before printing.

CoverDescriptionDate Uploaded
BlankSimple black and white for your own design11/9/99
Gathering Of The Vibes 1999Cover for any band from GOTV 199911/9/99
Grateful Dead 5/30/70 Wesleyan UniversityShow from my hometown, apparently some kind of psychological experiment. great setlist, not so great quality tape.11/9/99
Gov't MuleGeneric Gov't Mule, using image scanned from a t-shirt11/9/99
Gov't MuleGeneric Gov't Mule, using an image from the inside of the Dose booklet11/9/99
Gov't Mule
One Two
Two different covers for Gov't Mule at the Gathering of The Vibes 199911/10/99
Phish 7/13/99 Tweeter CenterSecond set of the second night of Phish's return to the former Great Woods. Scott Murowski guests in second set.11/9/99