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Tape Covers

I always see sites with fancy tape covers made by fans of bands, for others to use in their tape cases. However, i never see Max Creek tape covers, so I made a couple of them. If you have any, or know of any, pass them along to me in a jpeg format, and I'll post them here with credit to the artist.

I have a page of non Max Creek tape covers, that I have made for specific shows, or non Creek bands. Check it out please. Thanks.

New Covers Added on: 12/14/00
CoverArtistemail address
The Bird Mark Sherrick
The column and the name Mark Sherrick
X and Rob at Toads PlaceMark Sherrick
X by himself at ToadsMark Sherrick
Webster Theatre Mark Sherrick
27th Anniversary Mark Sherrick
Camp Creek 1998 Day 1 sets 1 and 2 Tom M Eliason
Camp Creek 1998 Day 1 set 3 Tom M Eliason
Gathering Of The Vibes-Max Creek onlyMark Sherrick
Gathering Of The Vibes-Any BandMark Sherrick
Sterling Stage, September 1999-Tapes 1 and
Sterling Stage, September 1999-Tapes 3 and
Halloween 1999Mark Sherrick
Halloween 1999Mark
X and some effectsMark
29th anniversaryMark
Rob FriedMark Sherrick>
John Rider acousticMark
X acousticMark
Husky BluesMark
Plain Max Creek nameMark
Woody's RoadhouseMark
Plain Max Creek nameMark
Another BirdMark
Yet Another BirdMark
For All Those DeGug and early 90s showsMark
Next group contain photos courtesy of Ed's Creek Page
X's axeMark
John's axeMark
Camp 1990Mark
John RiderMark
X bathed in blue lightMark

The second Halloween J-card is made using an image that Steve McKay sent out to people, which looked like a poster. If Steve has any reservations about my use of it, or if the image is copyrighted, please contact me and I will remove the image.
Most of these J-Cards are sized for immediate printing and use...but some of them may need resizing, or a bit of editing work, if so desired.